Borehole drilling prices

Borehole drilling prices

Water supply has been a hot topic over the last couple of years in South Africa. Due to a series of extended periods of drought wreaking havoc across the country — and the subsequent soaring of water prices — people everywhere are eager to curb their water usage, start capturing rainwater, and find alternative sources of water. One very popular solution is to drill for water. Borehole drilling gives residents and agricultural professionals access to groundwater reserves, which is generally less affected by drought than stored surface water supplies.

There are many benefits to borehole water. You enjoy greater water security, lower municipal bills, a great garden, and access to water that is rich in minerals and lower in chemicals associated with municipal treatment. However, before you jump on this bandwagon and get drilling for water, you might want to have a look at the prices of service providers and understand the cost of the well you are aiming to get.

While the following factors are not the only costs that add to borehole drilling pricesthey are the factors that can cause the cost to fluctuate when comparing one bore to another:. The actual ground conditions: While one might expect the softer ground to be easier to drill, the opposite is true.

Soft ground can present a number of challenges, such as the borehole The ground conditions will play a big role in the scope and cost of the project. While these factors do not necessarily affect the actual prices you will pay for borehole drillingthey do provide benefits that either saves you money or add value to your life and property once you have a working well installed:. Borehole drilling prices should not be your only consideration if you want the best value for your money.

To get the most out of your new water source and to make sure it lasts, you also want to secure the services of a professional and experienced service provider with a proven track record, like Inyati Drilling Solutions. Do you need more information on the Inyati Borehole drilling experience? Let us know. Factors That Influence Borehole Drilling Prices While the following factors are not the only costs that add to borehole drilling pricesthey are the factors that can cause the cost to fluctuate when comparing one bore to another: The depth of the bore: The deeper a service provider has to drill, the more expensive the bore will cost.

Not only does it often require more equipment to go deeper, but most service providers also charge borehole drilling prices based on either the number of hours or the number of metres they have to drill.

The amount of casing needed: This goes hand in hand with the previous point. The deeper a bore is, the more casing it would typically require to secure the structure of the bore. The more casing is required, the higher the associated cost will be. The type of rock: As can be expected, the type of rock that needs to be drilled will also impact the cost of the bore. Certain types of rock might require special drill bits, while it could also slow down the drilling The actual ground conditions: While one might expect the softer ground to be easier to drill, the opposite is true.

Factors That Offset Borehole Drilling Prices While these factors do not necessarily affect the actual prices you will pay for borehole drillingthey do provide benefits that either saves you money or add value to your life and property once you have a working well installed: Access to water: This is obviously the main benefit and the reason for getting a borehole in the first place — the convenience of having water when you need it, and the improved quality of life that goes with it.

Save on municipal bills: With less dependency on municipal resources, you will more than likely pay less on your utility bills each month, increasing your disposable income.

Long-lasting investment: You also have to look at the price in the context of the length of the investment. Borehole s generally last for years and years, meaning that you will be reaping the rewards of your investment for a long time to come. Better landscaping: Goodbye dead and brown gardens!

Access to water at all times allows you to do your landscaping the way you want. Whether you want to grow your own vegetables or simply have a lush lawn, you can now improve your living conditions without restrictions. Increased property value: Aside from the fact that your landscaping will look better than that of all your neighbours, a functional borehole will also add to the value of your property.

Our experience in the water supply industry spans 30 years and we have a range of solutions to meet your requirements. Click here.Those whose fences, walls and gates boast the poster are the only ones whose lawns are still green, whose cars are pristine, whose water bills are still lean… All thanks to a water borehole! So, especially in these trying times, we all know what a borehole is and where the water comes from, or do we?

With the dams drying up, the municipal water costs going up, and the people getting fed up; it is more important than ever to understand and consider alternative water sources. For some the decision to invest in a domestic water borehole is a simple one; others are daunted by the unfamiliar process.

In an effort to help you overcome the element of unfamiliarity, and thereby help our country save water by making it easier for you to come to a decision to implement your own domestic water borehole this summer, RPM Drilling is proud to help you better understand water borehole drilling.

Once the hydro-geologists have helped us prep a path for borehole drilling, we follow through and construct the borehole. In order to most accurately gauge the yield of a domestic water borehole an aquifer test is performed.

Maximum yield is achieved by increasing the abstraction rate, ensuring optimum drawdown of water in the borehole. The kind of pumping system and piping installed in your new domestic water borehole will largely depend on the intended use of the borehole water. For more information, or to make an appointment to start the process, feel free to contact us via the particulars provided on our Contact page.

Water borehole drilling cost depends on many different factors, processes and components used to drill a borehole. There are no two boreholes that will be the same, so it is best to work on an average cost of a borehole.

Every borehole is unique, because the combination of factors that impact the components and processes used will almost always be different. This is why borehole drilling cost is not just a number on a paper, but a carefully calculated formula affected by the conditions. The type of ground and geology of the site where you want to drill a borehole are the biggest factor that will impact the borehole price.

Another important factor will be the depth of the borehole, because groundwater will flow differently at different locations. This again can be found by the research done by the geology prospector, so experience is key in order to get the most accurate estimates as possible. This will also affect the water quality needed and the processes used to sink a borehole.

All these factors will then depend on which materials, machinery and what manpower is needed to get the borehole drilled. Materials will include the physical construction for the borehole, machinery is the actual drill and the manpower is how many people you need to drill a specific borehole. The process of drilling a borehole will depend on the factors above and the geology experience of the drilling professionals.

It can be very expensive if the operator is not very experienced and could lead to mistakes, wasteful materials and it can be time consuming to do geology research on the site. Every type of borehole will have different methods, materials and manpower needed. For example drilling different type of boreholes for example, a bottling plant, commercial site, residential site or a borehole for animals.

Some boreholes can be used for only a few years, where others can last for decades to come. Mobilisation and Demobilisation — Machinery, equipment and materials need to get to the site to be set up. This is the cost for moving the borehole drilling machinery and equipment to and from the site. Borehole drilling cost per meter — Like explained above, every borehole will have a different depth depending on all the factors. The actual borehole drilling costs are usually calculated at a per meter cost.

So the depth and type of ground will play the biggest role in getting a cost per meter. Construction Material Costs — After the borehole has been drilled, the casing and completion tasks needs to be implemented.

This cost can include materials like a solid casing, screen, gravel pack, sanitary seal and a well head. Performance and Quality testing — The next step is well development, pump test and borehole water quality. That will determine the performance of the borehole how much water is available and the quality of the water. Platform and Pump — Once everything has been finished, the borehole needs a platform and pump installed for it to be used.

It depends on what the use is for the borehole to decide whether it will be hand pump or electrical pump. This is the basic factors, processes and components that need to be included when calculating the costs of drilling borehole.Considering there is drought throughout South Africa, owning your own private borehole is a must. It lets you control your own water supply. Getting your own borehole drilled also means you will have to keep it in good working order if you want to continue receiving water from it.

They do require a bit of maintenance to keep them running throughout the years. How long does a borehole last? This will depend on each specific situation, but usually in the region of around 20 years. It will require maintenance to get it to last this long. The water stored in the aquifers below will change with time depending how much rainfall your climatic region is getting. The more it rains, the more water will be available to pump up. If you have had your borehole professionally drilled and you are maintaining it well, then when you sell your home it will increase your property value for sure!

Read more on greywater recycling systems. Once your borehole has been drilled, you will pump water up from the aquifers below. Basically, aquifers are created by rainfall and evaporation in the permeable geological matter.

Below are the steps you need to take to start the borehole drilling process:. Rainfall in your region is an important part of the cycle. The rainfall received in your area will soak deep into the ground.

Well Drilling Cost

It passes through layers of soil, rock and gravel. It stops seeping down once the water has reached an area that is completely saturated with water.

This is also known as the water table. Reaching the water table will be different for every borehole. Some might be a couple of metres underground, while others could be many meters under.

Read more on rainwater harvesting. Often, people mistakenly think that any hole drilled will result in an endless supply of water. This is not the case. It takes more effort than a simple hole to get water pumping out. At the end of the pipe, there is a hammer and drill. The hammer and drill will break up bits and pieces of rock and debris from under the ground. This all happens while the pipe is rotating.

Residential boreholes in South Africa are often drilled with a mm diameter. This will allow a steel casing of around mm to be installed down the hole that has just been drilled. In theory, the borehole should be cased in the steel from the top of the hole to the bottom of the hole.

Read more on the advantages of solar energy. The only way to find out how much it can produce is to test it. This can be done by means of an aquifer test. The company you have chosen to drill the hole will be able to perform this test for you once the hole has been dug. Once the test pump has been installed, they will have to measure how much water comes out the hole for a short period of time.

The cost of a borehole depends on many factors. The problem with trying to drill in soft soil is that the hole keeps on collapsing on itself. This happens when the ground is particularly loose.

Read more on aerolite insulation or roof insulation.The cost of drilling a borehole in Kenya depends on many factors among them the geographical location. The main factor in determining the cost drilling the borehole is the depth how deep does it have to be. It also depends on the equipping needs. There are many variable cost. Hydro-Geological Survey is between Ksh Ksh. This gives you depth of drilling, formation of soilquality and expected water yield and is a requiement by WRMA for permit.

Before applying for NEMA permit for a boreholeyou are required to carry out an environmental impact assessment. Contact us for details. The cost of drilling a borehole for Nairobi and its environs starts at Ksh 6, to 6, per meter. The cost of the submersible pump system and electrical controls depends on the borehole depth, flow and pressure requirements and how far water has to travel to reach the property. Simba Drilling Company enjoys an excellent reputation for its high standards of workmanship and thoroughness of service.

Dispute over drilling of 2M borehole, Nyeri

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borehole drilling prices

Cancel reply. E-mail: info simbadrilling. About Us Simba Drilling Company enjoys an excellent reputation for its high standards of workmanship and thoroughness of service.Search thousands of topics on CostHelper. Jill the sucker in Twentynine Palms, CA.

borehole drilling prices

Have you ever heard of abuse of a disabled person? Drill bit sheared off. Contractor said he'd comeback and start over after he finished next job. Kept putting me off. A year later just now getting to State arbitration hearing. I'm getting screwed over by his bond company too. I'll end up needing to hire an attorney 7k! Chambers' business is booming. He wouldn't have lost a penny by doing the right thing. Drilled ' pump at ' 15gpm. Tds 15ppm. Typical for Mercer Pa.

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Cavernsvoids and faults and large boulders. Only Andrews drilling has rig that would finish well here. Other drillers left and never called back. We did get water, and glad we did.

No water is no comfort. TSS a little high, no other issues. My original well IS feet but the casing has a leak.

The Average Cost of Drilling a Water Well

I didn't know about a dry well. Now, I am looking for another company to repair my existing well as this company I used does not do repairs anymore.

I can't afford another dry well. Do you know some company that is reputable to do repairs? No power, so will leave as a generator hook up.Most people who decide to move to a rural land site must include the cost of drilling a water well in their budgeting for the homestead. Rural land sites typically don't have access to municipal water supplies, resulting in these systems and costs being borne by the homeowner.

A drilled well only provides a hole in the ground with water in it, lined with casingto keep it from collapsing; you also need to add the cost of getting the water from the well to the home when budgeting well costs.

This did not include plumbing, power or pump costs. The licensed contractor you work with may offer you several options: a per-foot cost for the well drilling itself, along with separate costs for a pump and installation, electrical lines to power the pump -- if you are using electricity -- plumbing lines to bring the water up to the surface, pressure switches and a pressure or storage tank.

borehole drilling prices

The factors to consider when drilling a well include:. Before you can drill a well, you must apply for and receive a well-drilling permit, available from the local building jurisdiction or health department. These costs vary by state, county or region and year of issuance. Some municipalities also charge a fee for inspection of the completed work. The depth of the well drives the per-foot cost of drilling it.

Even if the contractor fails to find water, the homeowner pays for every foot drilled. An average well depth in Indiana, for example, runs about feet deep. What lies under the ground can figure into the cost as well. A well drilled in solid rock might not require the casing, but it can also affect the depth of the well. Wells drilled in solid rock can be as deep as feet or more.

Some licensed well drillers roll up the costs of the casing into the drilling fees, while others do not, it all depends on the contractor. For contractors that don't include the casing fees in the per-foot drilling fees, they charge a separate per-foot cost for the casing, and in some cases, this can double the cost. In addition to these costs, even if the well driller doesn't find water at the bottom of the dug hole, they still have to pay for the drilled hole.

After the well is dug, well caps and seals protect the well from contamination from above-ground sources. This cost is usually part of the per-foot drilling costs. The local health department or building jurisdiction usually requires these additions for protecting both the well and the groundwater. Don't forget to include the equipment to operate the well. If you don't have access to electrical power supply, you'll either need to pay to have utility lines brought to the site or build an alternative power source such as solar, or a wind powered pumpwhich also add significantly to the well cost.By submitting your email address, you confirm you understand and agree to our Privacy Policy.

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borehole drilling prices

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