Creative advertising agency portfolio pdf

Creative advertising agency portfolio pdf

During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: February 22, References. An advertising portfolio is an ad for you. It's your tool to market yourself to advertising agencies. Most agencies look at portfolios before interviewing candidates for job openings.

creative advertising agency portfolio pdf

You may be asked to present a physical portfolio, and you will definitely be expected to have an online portfolio. Making professional-looking portfolio requires time, effort, and a little money. Tailor your portfolio according to each job application and regularly update it with new work. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. As the COVID situation develops, our hearts ache as we think about all the people around the world that are affected by the pandemic Read morebut we are also encouraged by the stories of our readers finding help through our site. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.In this increasingly digital world, online portfolios are replacing traditional "books" that advertising creatives take to interviews.

But they are not dead. Not yet. Some people still like to look at physical samples, especially if you specialize in product packaging, direct mail, or anything else that a website doesn't do justice to. So, if you want to create a stunning traditional portfolio, follow these 10 steps.

You can find a standard black portfolio case at your local office supplies store or an art supply shop. They come in several different sizes but you won't need a very large one. Your advertising portfolio case may come with some starter pages. These pages are protective plastic over a black page. Go ahead and purchase a small pack of additional portfolio pages so you don't have to worry about running out. You never know when you'll need to add a new writing sample in a pinch, and you don't want to be without some extra pages.

Your advertising resume should be the first page of your portfolio. You could be one of the hundreds of prospects so it never hurts to reintroduce yourself and your qualifications with the first page of your portfolio.

Even if you don't have many samples to your credit, you'll need to pick out your best work for your portfolio. Don't be afraid of using rough comps, sketches, and other spec work. Many times, creatives have a great project they've finished but the project is still in production and hasn't gone to print yet. You don't have that full-color brochure or that glossy print ad to put in your portfolio but you'll want to show off your copy so you can land the next assignment. This is also a similar case for the budding creative who has no official samples to showcase at all.

In other words, you can rewrite an ad for a major company with your own style, label it as a SPEC AD and industry pros automatically know you're showing your ability to write without you trying to mislead them into thinking you really reworked the branding of Nike, for example. Choose the work that best shows your copywriting talent, even if it is simple text on a piece of paper.

We'll dress it up in Step 6. Let's say you've got three TV commercialsfour samples of print both brochures and print ads and three samples of website copy you want to include in your advertising portfolio.

Create divider sections to help your work stand out and not get lost in the clutter. In our example here, we would create a divider page with a heading for Commercials, one for Print and then another for Web or Internet. Remember, copywriting is a creative talent so don't be afraid to get creative with your own portfolio. Dig into your old magazines and cut out various pictures from ads. Arrange these so that your divider page appears like a collage.

This helps your sections stand out on their own and shows your creativity at the same time.There are plenty of awe-inspiring design portfolios out there.

To stand out amongst the reams of portfolio examples, it's important to put some real thought into your online presence. In this article, we've rounded up some of the best design portfolios around, from both studios and freelance designers.

These examples are all very different, but all stand out, whether its for clever use of animation, a quirky and memorable aesthetic, or simply a delightful user experience. When it comes to your portfolio, you don't have to be a superstar creative director or web designer; like most design jobs, a touch of creativity and innovative thinking will get you a long way. For those that aren't super tech-savvy, our guide to the best website buildersand our favourite WordPress portfolio themes will help you on your way.

Or if you are confident building your own design portfolio, explore our roundup of the best web hosting services to make sure you're getting the best deal. So, check out these inspiring examples of online design portfolios, which will hopefully inspire you to create your own masterpiece. Of course, the ultimate role of a design portfolio is to get more work, so don't miss our design jobs board if you're looking for a new role. Paris-based interface designer Robin Mastromarino keeps things fresh on his design portfolio site.

An intriguing effect on his homepage makes the projects appear as though they're on a wheel, juddering into view with some satisfying UI animation touches. Within each case study, images also respond by warping slightly when you scroll. Although not appropriate for every creative, given that Mastromarino specialises in UI design this strikes all the right notes.

creative advertising agency portfolio pdf

Visiting Active Theory 's portfolio website is like entering a whole new world. The design embraces a moody, Blade Runner-ish aesthetic throughout — and very successfully, too. From the mood-setting homepage animation with mouse-activated glitch effects, to the trippy About page, everything works together beautifully.

The studio keeps things clean for its project pages, with each example featuring a full-screen animation overlaid with short blurb and relevant links to further information, including detailed case studies hosted on Medium.

Velvet Spectrum is the online moniker of visual artist and designer Luke Choice. Luke has kept things simple on his homepage with a montage of uber-colourful thumbnails, which lead through to the visually arresting examples of his work displayed super-size for maximum impact. The black background keeps things clean and helps the work shine.

A simple but super-effective design portfolio. This impressive design portfolio comes from Locomotivea studio based in Quebec, Canada. With a team that specialise in crafting standout digital experiences, it makes sense that this portfolio site really shines.

Playful animations bring the design to life throughout the site not just on the homepage. It feels like effort and thought have gone into every element, from the quirky treatment of the hamburger menu to the unexpected animations on the About page. Named after its two creative directors, Thomas Austin and Thomas Coombes, Studio Thomas is an East London studio that makes visual communication for physical and digital worlds, and its site perfectly reflects its explorative and experimental attitude.

It is a splendid example of Brutalist web design with plenty of swish touches; we particularly love the 3D wireframe model of Pamban Cafe that you can navigate with the mouse. Buzzworthy Studio describes itself as a badass digital studio in Brooklyn, and its site is one hell of a calling card, showcasing dazzling web techniques from the off. Great typography and animation combine to grab your attention, and a strong eye for aesthetics means that you'll stick around to explore all Buzzworthy's projects.

This next design portfolio isn't nearly as flashy as the examples we've explore so far, but it's still highly effective. Illustrator and artist Merijn Hoss creates beautifully detailed psychedelic works of art, but has taken an altogether more pared back and traditional approach to displaying his work on his online design portfolio. Colourful thumbnails pop out of a clean gallery-like white background that once clicked on reveal large project images and a short description.

Proof that you don't need all the bells and whistles to create a great user experience. The team offer beautifully crafted design, branding and creative direction solutions to a roster of clients predominantly in the fashion, beauty, tech and lifestyle sectors.

The projects are presented in an almost magazine-like fashion. The complete lack of information on any project is a little irritating, but RoAndCo has created a well-crafted, memorable user experience nonetheless. Parsian designer, illustrator and art director Leslie David creates beautiful and intriguing work with that 'je ne sais quoi' that only the French know how to do.

creative advertising agency portfolio pdf

She houses her work in a straightforward manner with a left-hand sticky nav accompanied by a mix of static and animated GIF thumbnails that compliment the quirky nature of her work.We know creatives.

Our talent and clients trust us to bring the unique needs of both parties together. We understand the competitiveness in the marketplace and know the dynamics of creative talent. Our clients are not dollar signs, our talent is never a number. We are not just filling seats.

Not now, not ever. We are all invested in making sure that our local creative community thrives. Your creative work still needs to be completed, even when someone is on leave or vacation, or if you have an open role or seasonal projects. We can provide the talent to fill your short or long-term contract needs.

We're consultative, we listen to the needs of your business to understand the ideal person that would fit your organization. It's more than just a job description, it's about the soft skills too. Retained Search for executive and management level positions. Contingent Search for mid-level and non-management positions. We help your company identify the structure and roles needed to build or expand your internal creative team.

Our focus is on helping define what you need to make your business successful. Looking For Talent? Looking For Work? Events Calendar. Illumination Bureau Podcast. What People Say About Us. Why Work with Us? Need to find creative talent for your company? We can help! Portfolio Creative Services.

28 amazing design portfolios to inspire you

Let's Get Started.For a design agencies, your website is one of the most powerful weapons you have. Clients often use the design and user experience of your agency portfolio to determine how talented you really are. So it follows that most creative agencies do their best to come up with a unique design for their portfolio page and regularly update it to win more clients. Did we just stumble onto a website powered by the classic Mac OS System 7?

This is actually the website for the UK-based creative agency HeadOffice. At first sight, their homepage design will remind you of a desktop screen from an old computer. Almost all elements on the website are fully interactive. When you click on an icon, it will open up a new page in a new PC-style window.

You can also restart or switch to sleep mode. You can even drag those icons around the page. How cool is that? The only downside is that the website is a little slow, just like an old computer. Who knows, maybe it was intentional? The website also uses a side-scrolling design that allows visitors to explore the agency portfolio easily without having to load any other additional pages.

A particularly nice touch that improves the user experience. Big Youth is a French design agency with an amazing portfolio that includes projects for giant companies such as Ferrari and Kenzo. Their website also lives up to their reputation. Just as their name implies, Big Youth uses big bold headlines and large images throughout their website to grab the attention of the visitors. It also uses nice animations on all pages to entertain and delight. The US-based creative agency, Cappen, has a unique portfolio website that nicely captures their core concept of being adaptable.

It almost seems normal, until you click and hold your mouse. When you click with your mouse on the homepage, it will show a quick video clip for each adjective showing how creative the team behind this agency can be.

The hamburger menu on the homepage also only contains 5 links featuring large text. This creative agency in Germany uses a unique design that allows you to explore their portfolio through a side-scrolling website, by simply clicking anywhere on the page. The website for the award-winning creative agency from the UK, ToyFight is the perfect example of a website design that effectively uses minimalism to send a strong message to visitors about the way they work.

The website contains a very small amount of text, and keeps color consistency throughout the design to match their unique portfolio. Everything about this portfolio design is admirable. Does color make a difference in a website design? You should ask that question of this creative agency from Belgium. The website for Kingsize agency uses only a few colors.

The website design overall is black and white and the colors only appear when you hover over the items in the portfolio. The amazing loading animation is not the only smart thing about MING labs website.You need to show your best work, in an attractive way, that tells a story about the kind of person or company you are presenting. Design agencies obviously have more time and money to invest in their portfolio websites than most individuals, so nobody will expect your personal site to match their standards perfectly.

Creative Agency Portfolio

So in this post, we present our favourite new agency portfolios of We hope they help to inspire your own efforts Act Normal is a digital studio in Stockholm, founded in by Oskar Sundberg and Per Stenius, which helps brands with marketing, branding and innovation.

We love the bold, newspaper headline-style titles that announce their best work on their portfolio site.

Hover over one of them, and an eye-catching motion graphic appears over the top, tempting you to click through. It presents these projects on its website in a restrained way that makes great use of large, colourful images and some subtle scrolling effects, which add visual interest without ever being intrusive. And it really is. Rather than just show screengrabs, Clearleft has really thought through how to tell the story of its projects in a visually enticing way.

In general, video and scrolling effects are both overdone on agency portfolio sites. But Maison Carnot, an advertising agency based in Paris, has combined both on their website in an inventive and alluring way.

Scroll down the nine projects on its homepage. To start with, you just see stills. But hover over one of them and they transform into short video clips, in a way that seems seamless and natural, rather than showy. Adaptable is a digital studio based in Birmingham, UK, that specialises in ecommerce and lifestyle customer experience. The layout of its website is simple, but beautifully so, with thoughtful choice of images, inspired use of colour, and some snappy scrolling effects. The overall impression is a digital agency that understands the importance of aesthetics as well as functionality.

WANNA is a web design and development studio based in Sendai, Japan, and it takes quite a startling approach to presenting its work on its homepage. As you scroll down you see, not screengrabs but representations of the main colours used in each project. And of course, if you click through you get a more standard representation of each site, with a proper screengrab and description. Herokid Studio is a Barcelona-based digital studio offering creative services to clients worldwide, combining art, technology, storytelling and strategy.

Creatlive Studios is a multidisciplinary agency based in Hyderabad, India. While the masonry layout of its homepage may not be the most original way to present work, the inspired use of colour, with a strong focus on yellow, makes this portfolio site seem fresh, youthful and vibrant.

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Maison Carnot French agency Maison Carnot puts video and scrolling effects to good use on its portfolio site In general, video and scrolling effects are both overdone on agency portfolio sites.

Adaptable Adaptable combines colours in an inventive way on its portfolio website Adaptable is a digital studio based in Birmingham, UK, that specialises in ecommerce and lifestyle customer experience.

See more Graphic design articles. Topics Graphic Design.A website for digital agencies and design studios should leave a lasting impression and thus it is important to have a creative and modern design website for such agencies and businesses. In order to help you setup a modern looking portfolio, we have brought together some of the most creative digital agency website templates in this post.

In the first part you will find some of the best website templates for digital agencies that you can download for free.

20 Inspiring Creative Agency Portfolio Page Designs From 2017

In the second partwe have hand-picked a selection of premium agency website templates from popular marketplaces such as WrapBootstrap, ThemeForest and Creative Tim. These premium templates often include full documentation and support from developers.

creative advertising agency portfolio pdf

Find below freely available HTML templates that are a perfect fit for creating landing pages of digital agencies and companies. Most of these templates are built with Bootstrap and are easy to setup and customize. However, do note the licenses before downloading these free templates. If you are working for a client, do take a look at our premium collection found later in this post.

Digital Agency is a free HTML template suitable for creating landing pages and websites for digital agencies, marketing agencies, design agencies or for any other product and services. The template also has eye catching animations that get played on user scroll, increasing the engagement of your website visitor while leaving a lasting impression.

Though not built with Bootstrap, this beautiful template has a vertical navigation menu and smooth scroll animations. Reveal is a creative business Bootstrap template suitable for businesses, companies and corporate related websites. Reveal is built by BootstrapMade and follows the latest trends and modern design ideas in the web design industry. This free theme can also be used for creative individuals, agencies, consultancy firms, startup organizations or anyone who wants a quick presence on the web.

This is a free landing page template for startups, small businesses or agencies built with Bootstrap 4 by TemplateFlip. It supports video backgrounds and parallax like scrolling effects. It has sections for services, portfolio, team and contact form.

This creative agency website template is built by Colorlib and is available for free download and use in personal as well as commercial websites with credit. The template has a large parallax scrolling header with a call-to-action CTA button. Other sections of this free creative and marketing agency website template are ideal for services, projects and team introduction. This another free digital creative agency website template by Colorlib.

Featuring large header image and a sticky header menu, this template has multiple sections suited for portfolio sites of agencies and companies. This is a free advertising agency website template by Themezy. Showcasing a contemporary uncluttered design, this free template has multiple pages including projects, services, about and contact page.

The template has a simple black, white, and mustard color theme which will complement most types of businesses. It has homepage sections like portfolio grid, a responsive timeline, team member showcase and a lot more.

Find below collection of premium and best selling agency website templates. These templates allow commercial use and are recommended for freelancers and web design studios as they can be used for commercial purpose such as making websites for a client. Rubik is a premium one page website template which can be used to create beautiful and stylish landing page for companies, agencies or startups.

Built with Bootstrap, this website template has 47 handcrafted components such as portfolio, team profile, contact form, Google maps and many more suitable for landing page design.

It has a modern design and all the template pages are fully responsive. This template package is perfect for designing websites of corporate, agencies, portfolio, gym or fitness, medical, construction as well as wedding websites.

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