Cz 457 mtr barrel

Cz 457 mtr barrel

The company claims the is the finest rimfire action the company has ever offered, and I wholeheartedly agree. Remember how high scopes have to be mounted on most CZs to clear bolt travel? It offers length of pull LOP adjustments from Two different barrel lengths are available — one with a Finally, the trigger is adjustable for pull weight, overtravel and creep.

Shooting long with a. Way up. It should also come with a reticle that enables you to consistently hold over when you run out of turret adjustment. However, 34mm and 35mm rimfire rings are difficult to find, and the Leupold fits the rifle perfectly.

One is factory rated at 1, feet per second fpsthe other at 1, fps. No doubt a Vudoo or Anschutz rifle would have turned in even better accuracy averages, but as with all gear, you pay substantially more — in this case four to six times more — for a few percent increase in performance.

Light springtime breezes kept shifting from right to left and back again, and I was intrigued to find traceable amounts of aerodynamic shift even at just yards. Groups fired during wind shifts printed oval patterns at an angle on the target. When stretching any rifle out, velocity consistency quickly becomes critical.

I was impressed. More velocity does flatten the trajectory and can buck the wind better, but it typically reduces accuracy. And velocity consistency is critical at long range. Steel targets beckoned fromand yards. It rates a humble BC of. Gratified, I proceeded to empty the magazine without a miss. Too easy. Handing the CZ off to my buddy, he, too, went five for five at yards. Dust puffed near the target, I made a correction and rang the steel 9 of 10 shots.

CZ 457 Varmint MTR

Tiny black smears in the fresh white paint marked my impacts. Running the bolt fast and smooth and reloading the magazine quickly each time it ran dry, I attempted to run 20 of 20 before a wind shift changed conditions and thus my hold. I missed the final shot. Still, 19 straight was gratifying. You know what? After all, I did hit the durned thing a whole bunch — at yards — with a. As you can see in the accompanying chart, neither held a candle to the SK Long Range load in either accuracy or velocity consistency.

Shooting a. Match bullet.

CZ 457 22LR Heavy Barrel

A group of competitive shooters talk about new products from Aguilathe Aguila Cup, and everyone's favorite new guns launched at the SHOT show. See More Popular Videos. Made to match standards and loaded with the accurate, tough and deep-penetrating grain LRX All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Rlandry Sergeant of the Hide. Feb 16, Really considering one but 's are scarce, 's not so much. I know there are a couple of differences. Functionally and accuracy-wise, is there a downside to going with the ?

It looks like it may be a while before the 's become readily available. Nov 28, 1, 99 42 Wisconsin. The barrels are the same.The test shooting was carried out on the meter outdoor range, using the Caldwell shooting rest. The test weapon and the ammunition functioned properly during the test. There were no misfires during the test.

The test shots were executed by shooting three shots with each ammunition type. The muzzle velocity was measured with the Labradar projectiles velocity radar.

Winchester Varmint HV cartridge had the highest muzzle velocity deviation. It was a little surprising, that the bullet muzzle velocities with the CZ rifle were greater than the muzzle velocities announced by the factory. It was also interesting that there were relatively large differences in the muzzle velocities of the bullets between the different cartridges.

Such deviations from the muzzle velocities will influence to any weapon accuracy. It should always be remembered, that the result of the shooting test is specific for test weapon. The suitability of different manufacturers cartridges for the test weapon, has its own consequences example bullet weight and shape, and output rate.

The magnitude of the human impact also varies slightly from one shooting series to the next one, especially when shooter using weapons iron sights. Information Disassembly Assembly Test shooting. All Rights Reserved.These barrels are a true match-grade barrel, we only have one grade for all of our barrels, our best. Every barrel is drilled, reamed and rifled in our shop followed by a stress relieving heat treatment operation.

They are then hand- lapped for a superior internal finish and diameter uniformity. Please see instructions below for installation. Barrel Description Caliber:. Description Additional information Description Two profiles available:. The weight is 3 pounds 6 ounces 54 ounces in.

cz 457 mtr barrel

Varmint taper. It is. This taper is also listed as RF on our special rimfire contour listing. Weight is 2 pounds 8 ounces 40 ounces in. This profile barrel slips into the stock of our shop test-rifle without any barrel channel modification and fills it up with a much cleaner look than the original sporter profile furnished with the rifle. This is the varmint barrel shown in the image above.

With these drop-in barrels we then turn the shank end of the barrel to the proper dimensions and cut a match chamber. The barrel is then cut to final length and crowned with an 11 degree target-type crown. Each barrel is then polished to a grit exterior finish and then our name and the cartridge designation is engraved on the barrel. And lastly the finished barrel receives a final inspection and is sealed in a 6 mil poly tube and placed on the shelf. One of our CNC lathes that does the turning work on the chamber end of the barrel and cuts the chamber.

Drop-in barrels do not require any special gunsmithing. Directions for installing the barrel are furnished with each barrel. These instructions can also be found directly below. Here is a link to our Facebook page with a video helping explain the process of measuring your headspace. The most accurate way to do this is by using a depth gauge, and measuring from the receiver face, to the bolt face recess while the action is cocked.Shopping at Guns.

And unlike our competitors, it extends beyond the buying process. We get the FFL from your store — others make you find it, copy it, and fax it.

cz 457 mtr barrel

And our Rangemasters are here to answer all your questions about our products or process. Many online gun sales actually take away from your local community. At Guns. Most everything can be easily bought online these days. But for some reason, buying a gun online can be complicated. Spend your time enjoying the gun you want, not getting frustrated with a complex website that makes gun buying hard.

Big game hunters shopping for a well-built wheelgun with stopping power need look no further than this handful.

The CZ line of gas-less semi-automatic shotguns is not only new to the company but fairly new to the market at a reasonable price point. Your love for the latest technological innovations and high-performance gear won't go un-encouraged at Guns. We understand that functionality and quality are important, whether you're a tactical professional or simply have a love for the aesthetic. The Guns. Taking our heavy-barreled rimfire to the next level, the Match Target Rifle gets a bit more attention than the average Varmint.

Its Match chamber is cut to the tightest specification that CIP will allow, meaning it will perform impressively well with top-tier ammo. A large, flat forend has dual QD studs for running a bipod and a sling, and wrap-around stippling gives much more grip for the forward hand.

Though that was the most obvious change, we also took the opportunity to tweak a load of small things at the same time. In addition to the receiver-mounted, push-to-fire safety, we chopped almost an inch of length from the action and slab-sided it to reduce its footprint and weight. The stamped bottom metal of the is gone, swapped for a classy two-piece interlocking system.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Local Storage seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser. Note: Image may not be an exact representation of the actual item. Please read the complete description before purchasing.

Please Note: The description and product image may represent a general group of products. Please read the item's title and specifications for more specific information about this particular item.

COVID is resulting in increased processing times business days. Please email in lieu of limited phone support. You are already subscribed to this product. Hinterland Manufacturer Availability In stock.

With the current industry-wide climate, please allow for days of processing time before shipment. Please contact us for special order item lead times. Shipping Information. Add to Cart. Hinterland Guarantee. Reviews 2. Overview The Match Target Rifle's match chamber is cut to the tightest specification that CIP will allow, meaning it will perform impressively well with top-tier ammo. The MTR's Turkish walnut stock is designed with ergonomics in mind, and its vertical grip has a comfortable palm swell and laser stippling for texture.

A large, flat forend has dual QD studs for running a bipod and a sling, and wrap-around stippling gives much more grip for the forward hand. In addition to the receiver-mounted, push-to-fire safety, we chopped almost an inch of length from the action and slab-sided it to reduce its footprint and weight. Product Specifications Attributes Hinterland. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Write Your Own Review. Ratings 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Browse Files I recommend this product.

Submit Review. Product Questions. Name Email Address Title. Your Question. Your Answer : Name to Display :. Compare these items Clear All Items. Request Hinterland's Price. Enter your email and get the price with the click of a button.For over 70 years, our company has been the world leader in the development and manufacture of long guns using rimfire cartridges. Each and every one of our model series was the best on the market at the time, however, none brought such an enormous leap in the improvements of all the key user parameters as the CZ family has.

It was no easy feat, as we had to outdo ourselves as the global number one. But thanks to the all-round radical modernization our company has undergone over the last decade, we have accomplished our mission and created a new series of superb modern rimfire rifles for all groups of customers.

cz 457 mtr barrel

The CZ series thus offers exceptional user comfort due to the easy, fast and reliable operation even with the riflescope attached.

To ensure maximum safety, there is a positive safety on the right side of the receiver, a striker status indicator and a separate bolt extractor control.

cz 457 mtr barrel

The accuracy has considerably improved with the use of a new adjustable trigger mechanism with a low trigger pull weight and excellent travel, a noticeably lighter striker and a new type of bedding. A literally revolutionary innovation is the extremely durable anti-corrosion surface finish of the metal parts that currently has no equal rival on the market.

The CZ series has retained all the important benefits of the previous CZ rimfire rifle generation: the modular system allowing an easy replacement of barrels and change of calibres as well as the extremely reliable polymer magazines.

CZ 457 MTR

Built for the harshest of weather conditions, the Synthetic combines an extremely durable nitride finish with a hardy, ergonomically superior polymer stock. Equipped with a cold-forged barrel, it can be easily swapped to other barrel lengths, profiles and chamberings like all CZ variants. A hardy, accurate rifle, the Synthetic weighs just 2. With symmetrical features, this modern thumbhole is equally comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed shooters and the stable nature of the laminate stock and varmint barrel allow shooters to engage medium and long-range targets.

Chambered in. The new CZ model series could not be complete without the popular model with a varnished American style stock and a heavy mm long barrel. It is an ideal rifle for precise sport shooting as well as hunting at medium and longer distances. There is a 11mm groove on the top of the receiver for the attachment of a riflescope.

A highly precise model with a special stock made from premium walnut. The thick-walled, cold hammer forged match-grade barrel in. Thanks to this and all other improvements of the new CZ series, this model guarantees just 15 mm groups at a distance of 50 m.

The premium walnut stock has a cheekpiece, the tip is from a fine material. A model that will impress all lovers of hunting rifles of a classic shape. The stock with a cheekpiece and a tip with decorative material is made from premium walnut.

A rimfire rifle embodying an example of classic American sport and hunting guns. The varnished American style stock is made from high quality walnut and the checkering on the grip surfaces incorporates a fleur-de-lis motif.

The thin-walled, cold hammer forged barrel is mm long and has no iron sights. A rimfire rifle in a classic design of a European hunting rifle. The varnished stock made of premium Turkish walnut has a cheekpiece and laser etched checkering on the grip surfaces.

It provides comfortable and precise shooting with the help of iron sights placed on a mm long thin-walled barrel. The latest of CZ Training Rifle models which are perfect for novice shooters of all ages. In this case, it is all the more true thanks to the benefits of the CZ series that significantly increase user safety, accuracy and lifetime.

A modernized variant of the popular CZ rimfire rifle with the longest barrel on offer mm.

CZ 455 cal. 22lr (Rifle/Fuzil)

The tangent rear sight is adjustable between 25 and m, the stock is decorated with a jaguar motif, claw marks have been used in place of the traditional checkering.

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