D7 chart analysis pdf

D7 chart analysis pdf

Panditji, my DOB is 8th Novemberat My husband's DOB is 20th Aprilat 6. We are trying to have a baby now, after a year of marriage. Can you please tell me if there is any problem and what would be the remedy. Regards Chandreyee. DOB: 8 Novembertime, birthplace: bhatinda, pls see the horescope.

My date of birth is ,time I want baby boy. Is it possible? Already I had a baby girl. Her DOB istime My place of birth is palasa andhra pradesh. Why don't you do more articles like this but with more divisional charts? Hello Sir. Lots of astrologers are confusing. Please help me with accurate predictions so that I can decide on adoption options if my husband agrees.

Am very depressed sir. Please help me. Lots of people give false hope.

d7 chart analysis pdf

But am requesting you to help me. Hello Kavitha ji, I am an Astrologer not connected to this blog. In your horoscope, Jupiter the Karakaa for chidren is afflicted by Mars by connection and afflicted by Saturn by aspect.

I suggest one simple but most effective remedy.Welcome, Unregistered. View First Unread. Can someone help me understanding if it applies to my saptamsa chart? I noticed Jupiter karaka of children in aquarius ascendant of Saptamsa, but I know that every astrological rule has to be seen in its context.

SAPTAMSA ( D7 ) chart

What does the future hold regarding my progeny any children? I know that these analysis are time consuming but I will appreciate if you can explain the logic for my learning: I'm fond of details!

Attached Files consolidate. Make a sarvashtkavarga analysis of your saptamsa chart, post the numbers; also do the same for your D1 chart lagna chart and post those numbers: I'll take a look at what the ashtakavarga analysis as applied via sarvashtkavarga might indicate. Hi, thank you, dr. I really appreciated it. The sarvashtkavarga analysis of my D1 chart lagna chart has been automatically calculated and it is in the file I previously attached.

For the sarvashtkavarga analysis of my saptamsa chart, the situation is far more complex. I am currently trying to calculate it by hand by following the rules to attribute bindus ex : The Sun gives a point in the following houses from sun, Mars and Saturn; the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th.

From the Moon I am trying to do some exercise on my own before calculating bindus in my samptamsa chart just to understand how it works, but I actually make lots of mistakes: I am not able to reach the correct result because I am not experienced. I hope to understand how to do correct calculations.

I would appreciate any methodological suggestion or free software I could rely on. Thank you. Obtain the book "Dots of Destiny" by V. Aditya: go to chapter 3-there is a table there called "Sarvashtakavarga without Bhinnashtakavarga" which will allow you to make a sarva bindu count for each sign in the D7 or any other chart D1 through D60 directly by hand.

Adding the totals from each planet and ascendant you will obtain the sarva bindu total for each sign-its really simple to do once you understand the basics. Dear dr. I think I finally reached the correct result hopefully!

So here I attach a new file concerning my sarva ashtakavarga relating to my saptamsa chart and my D1!!! I hope it could be useful Would you mind explaining the reason why Lagna is indicated as taurus but in the chalit table bhava 1 seems to begin in aries?

I ask for this because I have trouble understanding the reason why leo is in 5th house I thought my 5th house was in Virgo! So if I understood correctly, Jupiter in the 1st house D7 is not necessarily detrimental According to your explanation, jupiter D7 is in aquarius and it has 22 bindus; 5th house in D7 has 26 bindus, so total 48 only if 5th house D7 begins in gemini What shoud we assess and what kind of reasoning shoud we rely on?

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Thank you for your kind support Attached Files Sarva ashtakavarga D1 D7. OK: Using whole sign which is what I use anyway but which is different than the sripati quadrant house format typically used in bhava charts and the chalit yes, the 5th whole sign house is Virgo.Click Here to learn how to read your chart.

I just finish the jupiter dasha, and brough to me wisdom and a lot spirituality. I would like to know what the saturn dasha will bring to me. I am a gemini ascendent. How my d-9 chart is different from your calculator and south indain astrology calculator…. Does this chart calculator take into effect the months that are in daylight savings time? So from the 2nd sunday of March til first sunday of november?

Hi Sam! I see that there are 4 charts when you put in the info for your chart. First is the Rasi, second the Navamsa, third??? What is the third chart? Hi the third one, labelled as 10 is the dasamsa chart. The D10 is giving an insight on how will be your work life. Hi, do you read your first house from the ascendant? Hello Sam, I so appreciate your great depth of teaching.

The resonance with myself and life events finally clicked in with Tropical Rasis and Sidereal Nakshatras using Kala. I have deep desire to learn and practice astrology and would like to take your course. Would there be a conflict with your teaching? Then you need to study with the teachers that use that system, as use the software that calculate it, etc. I use Sidereal Zodiac as per the Vedic tradition.

Hello sam sir, I just downloaded the image of my horoscope, in it there are 3 small charts on the right hand side, 9 10 Tr I think they are navamsa, dashamsha, and trimshamsha,…. The d10 chart seems to be completely different from what I get elsewhere for my birth as well. Chart never showed up, can you please provide me an assistance….

Just give your name and email address to get hours of videos and answers to these deeper questions. Get this powerful video series on exactly how to know yourself better and learn astrology. You can generate your chart here.Divisional charts are not independant like Rasi chart.

An event can take place only when it is indicated in Rasi chart. Event should not be predicted on the basis of divisional chart alone. A planet becomes powerful if it is exalted, situated in his own sign, possesses digbala in divisional chart.

In divisional chart planets in 4th, 7th, and 10th houses give very good results. They give good results in 5th, 9th and 11th houses, whereas the 2nd house is neutral in all the divisional charts. Any planet situated in 3rd, 8th and 12th from ascendant of a divisional chart gives bad result during his period. Exalted planets situated in these houses become powerless to give good results. Benefics on both sides of ascendant of a divisional chart or of a planet increase good effects.

How to Predict Child Birth from Horoscope - RVA Telugu

Similarly malefics on both sides increase bad effects. Principles of Dasa — Bhukti are also applied to divisional charts to judges the effects.

The effects of transits are also judged from divisional chart. A debilitated planet in divisional chart gives bad results in his Dasa or Bhukti concerning aspect of life denoted by that divisional chart unless there is a cancellation of debilitation e. Debilitated planet in Navamsa — causes problems in married Sapthamsa — causes unhappiness about children. Chaturvimsamsa — causes dislocation or obstacles in education. Any planet placed in 3rd or 8th house in any divisional chart causes death like effects during his Dasa or Bhaukti.

You can generate your chart here.

To spouse in Navamsa To profession in Dasamsa like retirement or resignation The results of Vargottam planets are always good. The results of Vargottam planets as per different astrological texts are as under:- Saravali — Good Results Chandrakalanadi — Results of Rajyoga and enjoyment Phaladipika — Results as if planet is placed in own sign Let us now see how various divisional charts are cast and what are the principles of interpretation of some of the important divisional charts.

Principles of interpretation of Hora chart: 1. Jupiter, Sun and Mars give pronounced effects in Hora of Sun. Mercury is equally effective in both Horas. In case of even Rasi, the Hora of Moon with be powerful.

The effect due to a Hora will be derived fully if planet is in the first one-third part of Hora. The effect will be medium or nil according to the placement being in second or third part of Hora.

During operational period of planets placed in Hora of Sun, a native earns and accumulates wealth by own efforts. During the planets placed in Hora of Moon, earning and accumulation of wealth comes natural i.

Dasamamsa chart can pinpoint factors causing delays and temporary disappointments in profession. Principles of Interpretation of Dasamamsa Chart. In Dasamamsa Lagna assumes a tremendous significance.

How to Analyse a Chord Progression (Harmonic Analysis)

If Lagna is aspected by benefics, it becomes strong, then it may be presumed that career of the native stands on a good foundation provided, of course, Lagna chart does not tell altogether different results. If powerful Sun is posited in upachaya houses aspected by Jupiter, native is likely to get recognition and eminence in career.For a male nativity, subsequent children are determined from the lords of every 3rd house, from the fifth, in direct order, i.

Gemini is feminine house, so first child is Female. DOB:- 10th May4. Sir, My DOB is Sir, Will I be able to conceive??? Mercury is in lagna in saptams chart of mine. Someone said this combination denies progenic happiness. Is it true? Plz Sir. Plz answer.

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A male child is predicted, if the lord of the child is, a placed in an odd sign or, Cancer or Pisces OR b exalted or conjoins exalted planets, or C conjunct the Sun, Jupiter, Mars or Rahu considered male planets. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Previous Post Jwala Mukhi Yoga.

d7 chart analysis pdf

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.All divisional charts are derived out of birth horoscope only.

Saptamsa divisional chart in the Shodashvarga scheme is considered 5th divisional chart as Shodashvarga takes birth chart also in divisional chart scheme.

In order to derive Saptamsa horoscope from the main birth chart, the simplest method by Parashar is as follows:. Each sign is divided in to seven equal parts of 4 degree 17 minutes and 8. The indication from D7 horoscope houses are as follows, the results will vary depending upon the strength and weakness of houses. Iam mentioning below mostly positive traits those are based on the good strength of house only and NOT the weakness.

For weakness, reverse may be considered depending upon the level of weakness of house concerned. Apart from all above, many other things can be evaluated.

These houses can also be analyzed to know the sex of child and other information of 2 nd child. Possibilities of children from second marriage are also seen from the 7 th house of D7 Saptamsa horoscope.

In case possibility of children is reflected in birth horoscope and still the couple remains childless. In such case in-depth confirmation can be assessed from the 8 th house of D7 Saptamsa horoscope.

Also the unhappiness from own children or bad luck after the birth of any child is also possible. You must log in to post a comment. Website Counter Website Counter. Book an online appointment today. Call In order to derive Saptamsa horoscope from the main birth chart, the simplest method by Parashar is as follows: Each sign is divided in to seven equal parts of 4 degree 17 minutes and 8.

For ODD rashi signs, the first Saptamsa remains in same sign as it is in birth horoscope and next Saptamsa goes in next signs and so on. For an example. The second Saptamsa goes to the next to 7 th and so on. The first house of D7 horoscope indicates the luck factor inherited from previous lives.

This also indicates that promise of having children. The 5 th house of D7 horoscope indicates intelligence and good mentality. This also indicates more information on the first child of native.

The 6 th house of D7 horoscope chart indicates problems with children like whether native will have children or not, regarding problems from children or children. Weaknesses of children of any kind. The 8 th house of D7 horoscope chart indicates longevity of children, miscarriages, abortions and delay in having children.

Also about obstacles in the life of children. The 10 th house of D7 horoscope chart indicates about the possibilities of inheriting any disease by child from parents. Competitiveness qualities in children, incurring debts by birth. The 11 th house of D7 horoscope chart indicates fulfilment of parents desires thru their children. Gains and general happiness from children. Indications about the expenses those will be incurred in bringing up of children, medical expenses and expenses on the education of children etc.

Please post Comments.Excellent Reading, it actually matches with myself and feels like completely a miror standing infront of me. U people have really won this challenge. Ur predictions are really good.

d7 chart analysis pdf

I feel strongly about accuracy of your report based on my observation. Thank you very much for guiding me. Please keep me in your blessing always. True Rahu Reading - 2 years scan - Very well laid out! And it somehow corresponds with my inner vision and consciousness. Now it is even stronger and clearer. Thank you.

V good, accurate reading of my chart and greatly resembles what has happened in the past, I am amazed to see such a reading of my birth chart. Hats off to the info astro team. Dasa Fortune reading with 10 years analysis. This astrologer is really awesome, majority of their predictions are true. I am so thankful. Mala Damayanthi. Kind regards, SL. You have answered all my questions very nicely. I sincerely appreciate your effort. Call Astrologer Minutes - He was very nice and very helpful.

Very Positive. Many of the observations are very true. Career Cartography Reading - Thank you this reading was extremely helpful and much appreciated. Thank you for helping me. Your advise in Career Analysis reading - 2 years makes me encouraged. Very beautifully written and most of the things seem true. Thnks a lot. What ever things I have understnd from this writings, is what I am looking forwrd to be and to do since from.

Thank u god for giving all

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