Leviathan spirit characteristics

Leviathan spirit characteristics

leviathan spirit characteristics

Question: "What is a leviathan spirit? By taking scriptural references to leviathan and other creatures badly out of context, some people have invented an entire mythology of unique demonic entities and attributed to them various nefarious deeds.

This mythos is the basis of so-called deliverance ministrieswhich seek to exorcise those evil spirits. In some branches of the Charismatic movementdemons are considered the cause of almost every malady, hindrance, and problem. Those who believe in a leviathan spirit use references to the creature described in the book of Job and in verses such as Isaiah The biblical descriptions are then given an entirely spiritual interpretation, rather than a physical one.

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Alternatively, the spirit is blamed for various physical problems, mostly involving stiffness and back problems. This is not surprising, since the whole concept of a leviathan spirit is based on virtually no biblical information and an outrageous amount of wild speculation. As a result, there is no coherent or consistent teaching to be found on it. Remedying the situation requires prayer, discipleship, and obedience to God. Find Out How to Contact Us. All rights reserved. View our Site Map.

Privacy Policy This page last updated: January 2, Attitudes Connected to the Leviathan Spirit :. Condescending attitudes toward others in the body.

Self -Glory. Lack of time in His presence. Critical and condemning attitudes and thoughts. Boasting over achievements and revelation. Dishonor of authority. Desiring to be served. Desire for reputation. Desiring to control others. Use of position of authority or gift to fulfill selfish ambition and vision.

How Leviathan Attacks. Speak this verse out loud and act on it in prayer! We must also walk in accountability to others who are co-laborers in Christ. They cannot pray or read their Bible. This was evident in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Understanding the Spirit Leviathan. Attitudes Connected to the Leviathan Spirit : 1.

Self -Glory 4. Self-Confidence 5. Lack of time in His presence 6. Critical and condemning attitudes and thoughts 7. Boasting over achievements and revelation 8. Dishonor of authority 9. Desiring to be served Desire for reputation Desiring to control others Use of position of authority or gift to fulfill selfish ambition and vision The Jerusalem translations says, "His back is like shields of cast metal, scale pressing on scale. This spirit is proud of his ability to withstand attack.

Leviathan comes to create monsters. It establishes pride in the hearts of men and women. Jesus walked in great glory because of the depth of His surrender.

Over and over He declared that His will was the will of The Father. Jesus walked in unprecedented glory because He was surrendered. Glory preachers are passionate about the presence of God. Glory preachers love worship! Glory preachers go hard after God and all of His splendor. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

When Leviathan gets its hooks in the heart of a man or woman of God, toxic behavior unfolds. Here are startling warning signs of a minister bound by Leviathan:.

leviathan spirit characteristics

The preaching of the gospel can include many facets, but the main aim is to declare Jesus. Anytime ministry becomes more about a person or personality, it has gotten off course. Leviathan will make it about a man rather than clearly lifting up the name of Jesus. This is always a symptom of pride in ministry. Those bound by pride will feel a sense of exclusivity, as if what they are doing is the pinnacle of the kingdom. To have longevity in ministry takes the right building materials. One of the keys is listening to wisdom and those who have stood faithful for years.

Leviathan blocks the ears of people to wisdom and shuns experience. It refuses to honor pioneers. Gifts and revelation flow freely in the presence of God.

They are given to serve the body not to exalt a person. We as believers are called to honor vessels chosen and anointed by God but there must be balance in the hearts of those ministering.

They don't worship anymore. They are too good for the presence of God. They haven't had time on their face in a meeting in years; their knees have no callouses. Glory people love the presence of God. They will bow, run, kneel and lay before the Lord. Leviathan grips a leader and causes them to lose their passion for worship and altar ministry.

Leaders need the presence of God. Ministers need ministry! They need the laying on of hands, the gifts of the Spirit and the recharging of their spiritual batteries. If they can pray for everyone else but not receive it, that is a symptom of pride.

They can't stay planted under a quality leader. Leviathan will block submission instead demanding everyone to submit to the leader while he or she is not submitted.

They criticize everyone and everything but are immune to correction from other leaders.Some people in the Body are gifted at teaching you strategies of the enemy against your life.

In this article, let Troy train you to resist a spirit that is called "Leviathan. You help us by simply purchasing your prophetic and other Christian resources from a selection of over 6, products directly from us at: elijahshopper. We appreciate our dear readers and we thank you for supporting your Elijah List staff! The Leviathan Spirit has many characteristics, but it mainly manifests itself as pride. The very word "Leviathan" means "to twist. We have come into an amazing time of challenge and change in the Body of Christ.

The Lord is fundamentally tearing down many of the false constructs many of us have stood upon with great confidence for years. Whenever the Lord begins to do this type of deep inner healing and reconstructive work, there is a natural tendency to grasp for the familiar and protect what we've always known. We tend to scurry to the familiar.

However, Leviathan seeks to take you steps beyond natural apprehension into demonic rebellion. Leviathan is deceptive because it preys upon very real hurts and wrongs that have happened to you. Your pain is not imagined; you were actually wronged, but Leviathan is seeking to make you fix your gaze solely on your problem so you never pull back from how you were wronged and pray the heroic prayer: "Lord, heal ME! Leviathan shrouds itself in religious activity by allowing you to get overly involved in church work, ministering to others, and even praying religious prayers for the people who hurt you, but this spirit will attempt to not allow you to take a look in the mirror and ask God for His word about you.

Leviathan is a prideful spirit that won't let you honestly confront your own faults and dysfunctions. This spirit causes you to embrace your old constructs and call right what God is clearly calling wrong.

Leviathan is a twisting serpent and destroys its prey much like a boa constrictor in the natural. It wraps itself around you and covers you such that you cannot see, hear, or speak properly.

Leviathan blinds you from seeing what God is doing in the reconstruction work of your life, he covers your ears so you can't hear what God is trying to tell your heart, and he'll try to silence your voice so even though you maintain the ability to talk, nothing that you're saying makes any sense or is in alignment with what God is trying to do.

leviathan spirit characteristics

Your words, if he is successful will actually become devoid of any power. Ultimately, Leviathan attempts to squeeze the life out of you until there's nothing left. This is a season of the great reconstruction. A time when God is building a new force of elite soldiers that will ascend their mountain of culture but also possess the character to stay on top and release God's love and healing in a manner that brings glory to Him. He is purposefully poking you where it hurts and forcing you to deal with internal issues you've masqueraded and hid behind for too long.

This is a time when "judgment is beginning with the house of Israel," and it doesn't always feel good. However our relationship with the Father is not based on feeling, it's based on faith, and this is a time to renew our trust in Him. The time to yield to God's hand is now; He's awaiting your surrender, and He's made a promise to construct an upgraded thing that's so much better than you ever could have imagined for yourself or ever could have come into by following your old pathologies and patterns.

Ironically, there's another word in the Old Testament for twisting, and it's translated as "wait" in Isaiah Another common spirit that is found afflicting those that are anointed is the Leviathan spirit. Usually those that have the Jezebel spirit will also have the Leviathan spirit operating in them and will need to be dealt with effectively.

A combination of Jezebel and Leviathan are extremely difficult to dislodge because the afflicted person has to command them to go.

If the person has been tormented with them for 20 or more years they will often have entrenched mindsets in place which become strongholds that will cause them to deny they have those spirits. Leviathan is a very seductive spirit that sets out to deceive the person that has them. It will present itself as a form of protection but unfortunately it is a false security, and will do all it can to prevent you from trusting God fully and completely.

The Leviathan spirit

The last statement should set off a huge light bulb inside of you if you have never had revelation of this before. Leviathan is a controlling spirit that will encourage you to take control of all your circumstances, instead of trusting in God to take care of your situation.

That is why it is extremely hard for people that suffer from it to have peace in their lives as people with this are some of the most anxious people in the world. You are unable to be a person at peace and have a strong faith that God will meet your needs because of all the fear that is present. Those that have this spirit may notice that when they try to read their Bible that they often will fall asleep or do not remember what they read.

They will also have a hard time sleeping through the night insomnia and may have bad dreams. Pastors that suffer from this have a very hard time delegating responsibilities to others in their church because they do not trust anyone else.

Spirit of Leviathan Characteristics

People who carry Leviathan will struggle with strong pride and some arrogance in thinking they know everything about everything. Some that have this spirit like to exaggerate stories to others in order to look good or to appear spiritually prominent and knowledgeable about everything and receive unique insight from God that others do not. They also will twist the truth of how a situation occurred and never take the responsibility for something that went bad. The spirit of anxiety is under the control of the Leviathan spirit.

The spirit of anxiety wraps itself around your spine in order to control your central nervous system. An over-active nervous system is the reason why your body becomes flooded with adrenaline during times of fear and you behave so aggressively at times.

Your life becomes centered on receiving approval and if you do not receive it you feel guilt, shame, and condemnation. You probably have suffered much rejection from others spouses, managers at work, pastors, etcand as a result you are constantly seeking approval from God and from others.

You constantly strive in your life and circumstances never feeling at peace or rest. You strive to be perfect and are driven to succeed and accomplish what you desire at all costs. Perfectionism is also a spirit that is under the control of Leviathan. Physical manifestations of Leviathan are a sore neck and shoulder area, due to carrying tension in your body most of the time.

Leviathan is the great imitator. This spirit uses scripture to distort and twist the truth as it knows the Word of God very well but misapplies them according to what it wants to accomplish does that sound like anyone else we know? If you keep a daily journal your spouse may demand that you not record the details of their controlling behavior and abuse.

It is also causes one to be pious and religious. Leviathan loves to keep you from reading your Bible you may read it for short periods of time and try to read it for hours but you often will fall asleep or not understand and comprehend what you just read so you try to read it again and again but still cannot remember or comprehend it.

This spirit will prevent you from fully receiving the Word into your spirit as much as possible or will cause you to twist scripture. One misled pastor stated that God loves us so much that if you end up in hell that he will not allow you to suffer forever and burn in the lake of fire as He will take you out of the fire and put you some other place that is not as bad.

Or that God loves you so much that he will just burn you completely up so you will not have to suffer anymore.Various books in the Bible make reference to demons or other malevolent supernatural beings that can mount spiritual attacks on people.

Some modern-day Christians believe that these beings exist today, and can still cause pain and suffering in the lives of believers. Attacks from different spirits can bring about different manifestations in those being attacked, such as the entity known as Leviathan. Leviathan is often given the physical attributes of a giant, serpentlike sea creature.

According to "Strong's Concordance," Leviathan is depicted as "a wreathed animal or serpent. Leviathan is described as exhaling smoke and having scales, breath like hot coals and sharp teeth that are "terrible round about. The same chapter in Job also associates Leviathan with pride, and some believe that pride and stubbornness are manifestations of a spiritual attack by Leviathan.

Emotions such as grief and bitterness are also associated with the Leviathan spirit. Other manifestations of the Leviathan spirit include the inability to concentrate on studying the Bible or other spiritual goals, and learning disabilities affecting children. The latter stems from the belief that the Leviathan spirit will afflict generations of the same family as a sort of family curse.

The physical depiction of Leviathan as a powerful serpent can also be seen as symbolizing a spiritual monster that wants to squeeze the spirit of Christ out of Christian believers in much the same way a python squeezes the life out of its prey. As a result, actual physical pain and infirmities are associated with Leviathan. For example, Leviathan may be responsible for a dream in which you feel your breathing is constricted and you are being choked. Other physical manifestations of the Leviathan spirit include pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder area.

A more secular view of Leviathan was the treatise by philosopher Thomas Hobbes, called "The Leviathan. According to Hobbes, the "body politic" of a government contains immense power but that power can only be exercised when the body is unified under a strong leader, symbolized by the serpent's head. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. By Michael Brent ; Updated September 29, Some Christians believe they are being attacked by an evil spirit called Leviathan.

Photo Credits.If you have been a part of a deliverance ministry you are familiar with the spirit of leviathan characteristics.

The Bible speaks of Leviathan as a strong and fierce marine spirit that is king over all the children of pride. It stops the anointing from flowing and therefore blocks the Spirit of God from moving. Leviathan is described as a dragon that provokes fear and intimidation in the hearts of people. His fierceness prevents any man from taming him. Only God can tame him. There is nothing greater and more powerful than God and He alone can defeat Leviathan. As God questions Job about his knowledge, He references Leviathan.

In order to recognize the spirit of Leviathan characteristics, we must take a closer look at this creature. How does the Bible described him to us within the scriptures?

We will first start off by looking at his skin. No one can pierce his skin. It is like armor! The pride of Leviathan is found in his appearance. His skin and outer layer is so hard that no one can pierce his skin. His skin is like armor! This is a characteristic of those who operate in pride, as they will have a wall around them. It is a wall of defense that says you will not get close enough to me to hurt me.

This wall I put up or this skin of armor will protect you from touching me and getting too close to my heart. Most people with the spirit of pride will never truly open up to others. Their defense is to keep you away and intimidate you with fear so that you never can get close enough to their heart or to the real them. Leviathans face is so fearful and intimidating.

Again, it is another defense put up to invoke fear upon all those who dare to approach. Even to look upon the face of someone operating under this spirit is dreadful.

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