Trained mastiffs for sale

Trained mastiffs for sale

Welcome to the home of Stone Mastiffs established in Located in southeast Michigan our family of Tibetan Mastiffs enjoys fenced and wooded acreage in Farmington Hills Michigan.

We welcome visitors who would like to meet the breed or are interested in the care of, breeding or training Tibetan Mastiffs as well touring our boarding kennels. We have been fortunate over the years to meet many and form relationships with some of the top breeders, trainers and handlers of many breeds and it was the Tibetan Mastiff that stole our hearts and became our breed of choice.

It was also the Tibetan Mastiff and our love of the breed that not only convinced us but also gave us the courage and confidence to invest our life savings in a commercial boarding kennel. Our kennel has given us many hours of pleasure as well as hard work and we owe it all to this magnificent breed. Tibetan Mastiffs are our only breed and we are hobbyist breeders who do not support ourselves with the sale of puppies. Prior to breeding each of our dogs are health tested to insure we are breeding healthy dogs.

Each breeding is carefully planned with hopeful anticipation and with study of the pedigrees of the parents to better the breed. Interested persons are welcome to ask questions about the purpose and objectives of any proposed pairing. Our puppies are raised with lots of love and are socialized to transition into their permanent homes at ten weeks of age. Our dogs are all kept on a premium diet of grain free kibble, mixed raw meats and vegetables.

The Tibetan Mastiff has become our passion and love and we appreciate you visiting our web site and hope you will find the information here helpful to you. We welcome your phone calls and e-mails and will always do our very best to return them.The English Mastiff, also referred to simply as a Mastiff, belongs to the Mastiff breed type.

Its ancient ancestor, the Molosser, was a ferocious war dog that lived over 5, years ago. It likely originated in the mountains of Tibet and was also used as a guard dog and protector of herds and flocks. Throughout history, the Mastiff has been used as a guard dog, watch dog, and protector.

Though it still has a protective nature, the English Mastiff we know today as a gentle giant is a far cry from its war dog ancestor. Although the first Mastiff club formed in the United States inthe American Kennel Club did not recognize the breed until This dog breed is known for being loyal, fearless, intelligent, and reliable.

They are very loving and docile with friends and family and get along great with children. Due to their size, they may not be the best fit for families with very young children or elderly family members as they can easily knock them over and accidentally cause injury. They do have a protective nature, so they can be wary of strangers and may be suspicious of other dogs. This makes them good watchdogs, but they can be prone to barking. Training and socialization early and often will curb some of this natural suspicion and cut down on unnecessary barking.

They tend to bark less than some other dog breeds, especially when properly socialized and well-trained. The English Mastiff will drool a bit and will be a very big dog.

They make great companions for anyone who can handle their size. The English Mastiff is moderately adaptable. Due to their size, they are generally not a good fit for apartment living. However, they can adapt as long as they get plenty of exercise.

They tend to do best in a house with some room to run. They are okay being on their own for a bit, but certainly should not be left alone for long periods of time. Due to their double coat and larger size, they can handle colder climates better than some smaller dog breeds. However, they are very sensitive to the heat, so warmer climates may not be a good fit unless there is plenty of indoor space and air conditioning available to keep them cool.

As with all giant breeds, hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are a concern. Other health issues to be aware of include progressive retinal atrophy, bloat also called gastric torsioncystinuria, seizures, and cancer.

Much of these health concerns can be allayed by checking the genetic history of the parents and also checking health clearances on the hips, elbows, and eyes from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the Canine Eye Registry Foundation. Not so much a health issue as it is part and parcel of the dog, you will want to be prepared for plenty of drool with this dog breed. They also tend to be quite gassy and are prone to loud snoring.

A good, balanced diet can sometimes help with the flatulence, but there is probably nothing that will stop the drool or the snoring, snorting, and grunting.Mastiff Female, 10 weeks Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Gerlinde is a gorgeous young lady, the kind of friend anyone would be proud to share life with!

English Mastiff Puppies For Sale

Her favorite hobby is getting to any person who will give her attention Learn more View Details. Mastiff Female, 6 weeks Joplin, Missouri. AKC registered puppies! Our beautiful apricot girl Miss Scarlett and our big boy Churchill had a gorgeous litter of apricot and fawn puppies on Leap Day! Both parents have Mastiff Male, 10 weeks Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Lord Amundsen, named after the popular explorer Roald Amundsen who explored the Antarctic regions and first reached the South Pole, is an explorer like his namesake. You will Lady Valentina, as beautiful as her name, is a charming, fuzzy apricot with a hint of color that reminds one of looking at the sun through honey.

She loves nothing better Mastiff Female, 18 weeks Phoenix, Arizona. Champion Bloodlines Show Potential. AKC registered English mastiff Female available now!

Born December 10, Skye is a spunky sweet girl at 18lbs. Skye is around small children and other big and small Mastiff Male, Available soon Roanoke, Virginia. Champion Bloodlines. This little boy is up for grabs!! Sire is purebred Neopolitan mastiff blue brindle.

Dam is purebred English mastiff. Mastiff Male, 16 weeks Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mother is apricot papered bullmastiff, father is fawn non-papered bullmastiff with English traits. Puppies born x-mas day and are raised on 40 acres farm. These are family Mastiff Female, 14 weeks Waco, Texas. Mastiff Female, 25 weeks Portland, Oregon. Handsome and beautiful English Mastiff pups from Stella and Sampson born on Puppies can go home after their 8 week vet check.

Approx March 30th. Located in Bryant Mastiff Male, 25 weeks Portland, Oregon. Mastiff Female, 28 weeks Bend, Oregon. We have one female and three male Boerboel puppies for sale. They will be ready for their forever homes on the Mastiff Female, 31 weeks Phoenix, Arizona.

Mastiff Female, 33 weeks Springfield, Missouri.Take to work, school, church, or on vacation with you. Off-Leash Trained. If you are looking for the most-trained Tibetan Mastiff in the world that can be a service dog or family pets, we have your dog. Superdog is the 1 Dog Trainer in the world training and selling trained Tibetan Mastiffs.

Superdog is the only dog trainer in the world selling Tibetan Mastiffs that are off-leash obedient. For not too much more money you can get a Tibetan Mastiff that is trained to be an excellent pet or service dog. Most people are unclear what Tibetan Mastiff to buy because the price range tops out over one million dollars. We strongly suggeast you call us if you have money because the trained Tibetan Mastiffs we have for sale are better than the ones for over a million dollars.

Our clients buy a Tibetan Mastiff puppy or a young adult from us that is trained. Where Are Tibetan Mastiffs From?

Tibetan Mastiffs have been bred by Tibetan nomads and protecting Buddhist monasteries for thousands of years. The latter is taller and heavier, with more face wrinkles. There is also a rare regional type of Tibetan Mastiff called the Bearded Tibetan Mastiff, which is about half the size of Tibetan Mastiffs and features a beard and wiry coat.

The lifespan of a Tibetan Mastiff is around years. Tibetan Mastiffs are extra-large-sized dogs, most weighing lbs and standing around inches tall. Tibetan Mastiffs come in a wide variety of colors. The preferred is a Red Tibetan Mastiff. Tibetan Mastiffs shed very minimally throughout the year, and blow their coat usually just once per year. The Tibetan Mastiff has a long, thick, profuse coat that requires attentive, frequent brushing so as to avoid the coat becoming matted. It is not prone to the doggy odor that can affect other dogs of the same stature.

The Tibetan Mastiff requires grooming with a brush, especially on the hindquarters and tail. Brushing should occur weekly, or daily when shedding. The Tibetan Mastiff has a fairly long lifespan for a large breed at years. Due to its legacy as a guardian, Tibetan Mastiffs tend to bark and they also tend to do so at night.

As with any dog, they can be discouraged from barking as frequently with proper training and exercise.

English Mastiff Puppies for Sale

The Tibetan Mastiff is reserved around strangers. It loves children it knows, but unknown children may be considered a threat against children of the family.

Provided proper socialization has taken place, the Tibetan Mastiff gets along well with other dogs and household pets. Are Tibetan Mastiffs Good with Kids? Like all bigger dogs, Tibetan Mastiffs need to be trained to behave gently with children, and vice-versa. They are very territorial, and while they will likely be gentle and affectionate towards children in their own family, they may not show the same gentility to all kids.Many dog trainers claim to have trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale.

How actually trained are the dogs for sale? Are the dogs for sale really even trained? Because how can you say a dog is trained if it only listens if it has a leash on.

The only way you can really tell is if the trainer shows many photos and videos of dogs that are obedient and off-leash. Many pictures and videos, not a one-off where someone snapped one or two pictures, making it look like the dog for sale had off-leash dog training. We have two eyes like you do and surf the internet looking at websites that claim to have trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale too, but do not really see anyone else selling trained dogs with off-leash obedience.

We have no doubt the dogs they are selling are trained to potty outside, but you would have to be a fool to walk into buying a trained dog for sale with your eyes open that is not off-leash obedient. What makes our Superdogs we sell different is their temperaments and the quality of interactions they have with the environment, other dogs and people.

trained mastiffs for sale

Superdog is the only company selling trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale that teaches Off-Leash Training. The dogs we train are good citizens and want to listen and please because the dogs are trained by a Behavioral Dog Trainer. Starting Day One from the breeder, everything is done right with your dog. You could send a deposit for a trained dog for sale, and the trainer leaves the front door open or drops the leash one time, and your trained service dog runs down the street and gets its head run over by a car.

Better it happens to the trainer rather than you. If someone saw their untrained fake service dog die and get its get run over by a car, it would be devastating. Nevermind, you got ripped off for thousands buying a dog no better than a dog from the pound with a little training. Whatever you see in the photos of the websites that are selling trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale is the level of obedience that you will get with the dog you buy from them.

There are a lot of reasons to buy a dog from Superdog, but the main reason to buy a trained service dog or pet from us is the dogs are more well-trained. We have our favorite breeds and dogs we recommend we like as working dogs, but everybody has different taste. A lot of the agencies even require that you take a Pit Bull.

We like Pit Bulls, but a lot of people do not. A gentleman told us he told the service dog agency that he was afraid of Pit Bulls, and they told him he could not get a dog then. We can help you find a Puppy For Sale too. People buy a trained dog for sale or a trained service dog for sale, and it is no better than if they bought a mutt from the pound and took it to obedience classes at a pet store.


Most of our clients have money and do not mind spending it if they get good value. We are trying to be an alternative to what other dog trainers are doing. You could spend more money elsewhere, but you will not get a more well-trained dog than the trained dogs for sale or trained service dogs for sale we sell.

When you call on the telephone, everybody selling trained dogs is going to be friendly. Door-to-door slesmen are friendly too, but we would not recommend paying one thousands of dollars for a trained dog for sale.Our Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are bred, selected and trained for family and personal protection.

Just as someone who was taught martial arts since young, these dogs have a solid foundation, are confident and prepared to overcome a threat.

A family protection dog must be social just as a black belt in karate can be social.

trained mastiffs for sale

Most our dogs have pedigrees and most are beautiful but is not what impresses us, instead what we look for in a dog is a clear head, a dog that can think, with balanced drives, good temperament and solid nerves. Trooper is not only stunning, he is a very social, clear headed and highly trained short coat male German Shepherd from Europe. Trooper loves children and is social in all aspects of his life.

Very easy to handle on or off leash by simple commands and does very well in the house, calm and mellow yet attentive and protective when told to or when he senses danger. This dog has proven himself in competition where obedience, protection, conformation, temperament and endurance are judged.

Bowser is a young 2 year old doberman that is social in all aspects of his life. Loves children, other social dogs and loves to please. Bowser has been DNA cleared of common health conditions and has good hips.

We are selling him to the right home as a Level 1 deterrent dog with off leash obedience. Bowser is currently in our Virginia location and can be seen there or can be arranged to be seen in south Florida.

Hanz is an awesome dog, super intelligent and a perfect example of a proper Airedale terrier thus used as a stud dog in Europe. This fine boy is social in all aspects of his life and is perfectly fine around children. Hanz is a fast learner and is is easy to teach him new things.

Messi is a highly trained male malinois who is very affectionate and loving with his family.

trained mastiffs for sale

He has also been crossed trained for real life. This K9 is balanced and clear headed with a well defined off-switch that can do very well inside a home with or without children.

This super Malinois refuses food from strangers, can guard objects like a stroller, a briefcase, your car and more.

Matrix is a beautiful male Malinois with advanced obedience and protection training. This boy has a well defined off switch, he is clear headed and balanced and he is mellow at home. Matrix is social in all aspects of his life and he is very affectionate and sweet, loves to be by your side even while off leash in public.

Matrix is very gentle with children and is very easy to handle. This super malinois loves to play fetch as much as he likes.Superior quality and temperament. For More Information Click here or Call Our Boxer's are specifically bred, selected, raised and trained with a truly fulfilling life and work in mind. To Apply, please complete our Pre-Purchase Application here. This page is intended to give a brief description of a few of our current listings of Boxer dogs for sale.

We do have several dogs not listed, so please inquire regarding any questions you may have. For more detailed information about each featured Boxer For Sale listing please click on the 'Read more about' link or the dog's picture, or contact us for additional information.

Avg Size of Male: Height: 26 — 28 inches Weight: 65 - 90 pounds. Avg Size of Female: Height: 24 — 26 inches Weight: 60 - 85 pounds. Based on the limited number of suitable German Boxers which meet our high standards, we offer only 3 or 4 fully trained adult Boxer dogs for sale each year. Select German Imported Boxer puppies are available with advanced approval by reservation only. To make a reservation, please apply here.

Certified Personal Protection Dog. Certified Executive Protection Dog.

trained mastiffs for sale

While there are many theories as to the origin of the boxer, the breed is said to have reached its perfection in Germany within the past century. Most believe that the boxer comes from European line of dogs that have been around since the 16th century. Some evidence suggests that the boxer is one of the many descendants of the old fighting dog found in the high valleys of Tibet. It is also accepted that this breed is a cousin to just about all breeds within the bulldog type.

The Dogue de Bordeaux of France is a breed that is similar in appearance and size to the old Tibetan Mastiff.

CHINESE TIBETAN MASTIFF - The World's Most Expensive Dog

The Bouldogue de Mida found in the south of France was apparently developed from the Dogue de Bordeaux, and it shares many of the same characteristics of the boxer. While it is generally believed that all the European breeds previously mentioned are in some way related to the boxer, this favorite breed of Germany was developed to retain all of its older qualities with a more attractive look. Other sources claim that the boxer was derived from two breeds of dog found in central Europe that no longer exist: the Danziger bullenbaiser and the Brabenter bullenbaiser.

In this account, it is believed that in the s German hunters tried to create a new breed by crossing the bullenbaisers with mastiff-type dogs and bulldogs. This resulted in a tough yet agile dog that featured a streamlined body and a strong grip. This origin states that bythe new breed, called the boxer, had been established. The exact origin of the name boxer is rather obscure, but it may have taken from the German boxl. In addition to being related to the Bulldog, it is said that the boxer is also influenced by a strain of terrier.

Others think that there is reason to believe that English Bulldogs were imported into Germany at one time, as evidenced by Reinagle's Bulldog, which was done in This work of art depicts a bulldog that is very similar in appearance to the boxer. One of the first dogs to be used in military and police work, the boxer became better known as a family pet and show dog by the s.

The boxer was first registered with the AKC inbut the first championship did not take place until It was about before Americans showed interest in this breed, a time when the boxer won in Group and Best in Show. Fill out K9 Working Dog's. We offer a wide selection of Police Service Dogs for sale. To Apply, please complete our Pre-Purchase Application here This page is intended to give a brief description of a few of our current listings of Boxer dogs for sale.

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