Willys jeep front brake drum removal

Willys jeep front brake drum removal

All Articles. More Articles. Start by removing the hub from the front axle. Very easy to wedge a screwdriver and pry the cap off. Next,you need to remove the wheel bearing nut. It is item 22 in the first picture above. Most likely the lock washer behind it has a bent lip. Use a screwdriver to flatten out the washer so the nut can turn. The bearing nut tool allows you to insert an object to help turn the nut if it is on there tight. Here you see a simple screwdriver was used to help turn. You will have a second wheel bearing nut that you need to remove.

Repeat the step 7 above. To remove the front brake drums require removing a few nuts, washers, bearings before the drum will come off. In particular, items will be removed before the drum can be removed.

Next you will see a nut with a cotter pin. Straighten out the cotter pin and remove it. Once the cotter pin is removed, the axle nut should unscrew pretty easily. Next, remove the 6 nuts that hold on the flange. In some cases, the flange can be pulled off with your hands.

Other cases, you may need a flange puller tool. Note: there most likely will be some shims behind the flange. Try not to damage them 6. To remove the wheel bearing nut, use the large bearing nut tool to turn this nut.

Once the first wheel bearing nut is removed, you need to remove the lock washer behind it. It will have a grove that goes into the axle, so you need to pull this out straight.

Use a screwdriver and your fingers to help pull this item out. At this point the Brake drum is ready to be pulled off. Here, you see with a small tug, I pulled the drum out a bit, and you notice the wheel bearings are shown. The wheel bearings will drop out when you pull the drum off so be careful to catch them.

And you see the brake drum is now removed off the axle. Add Jeep to Registry-disabled temporarily. Stay Informed Subscribe to our e-news.Forum Rules. Now through Dec 31st, Average costs? Funny picture thread! Reader Rides. Forum Technical Forums All other Jeep models front brake drum removal. Thread: front brake drum removal. Join Date Jan Posts Did you remove the two screws that hold it to the hub?? If so. Try to free up the two adjuster cam bolts on the backing plate. If those are loose too Pb blaster and a lot of pateince.

If all that does not work. A pulled will but you need to go very slow and tighten it. Tap all around with a hammer. Tighten a little more. Tap again. Patience is the key. Good luck. I got juck with my 56 cj5. Every thing just pretty much fell apart Re: front brake drum removal. Originally Posted by 56cj5. Re: front brake drum removal there should be 3 screws on face of the drum.All Articles.

More Articles. Assuming that you have removed your Front Brake Drum already, we now want to replace it. Before you begin, it is recommended to Pack your Bearings.

You should be ready with to install your drum over the brake pads. If you are re-installing the front brake drum, the back side of your drum should have some components already installed as shown here, if not consult the TM and install them.

It is a good idea, to remove these items and re-pack your bearings while your drum is off. Assuming your are ready to re-install, push your Front drum carefully over the axle shaft and over the brake pads.

willys jeep front brake drum removal

You should feel the drum move all the way back on the axle over the brake shoes. Next, install your cone bearings with the pointy end first see diagram above. Push them all the way back into the drum. Next, find the notch on the bearing lock washer and align it on the axle shaft and push all the way back so it sits next to the cone bearings. Apply the wheel bearing nut with your hand screwing it on as far as you can with your fingers. Your drum should still be all the way back on the axle.

With your wheel bearing wrench, hand tighten the nut on the wheel. TM recommends to tighten the nut until you start to feel drag when you spin the wheel.

In many cases, you may not feel any drag. The drum should NOT have any play in it when moving back and forth. Once you think the nut is on correctly, spin your drum should be out of gear of courseand you see and hear the drum move freely. Install the 2nd lock washer on the axle shaft, with the notch lined up on the shaft as you did the previous one.

Push all the way back against the nut. Note: if this washer has a bended edge to it, you want the lip to be pointing toward you, away from the nut it is seated against. Next, install the last bearing nut with your fingers all the way back against the lock washer. If you try to wiggle your brake drum it should have no play in it. Then tighten the bearing nut with your wrench so it is nice and snug. Use a screw driver in the wrench notches to tighten this nut on securely.

With a screw driver, bend the lock washer out so it has a little lip on it to keep the outside bearing nut from revolving. Many say this is not needed, but this is a common procedure found on most WWII jeeps. As you see in this picture from the TM, put your flange back on and screw on the axle shaft washer and nut.Such as a rusty nut, broken bolt or exhaust manifold studor especially a steering wheel.

In particular, removal of the wheel hubs or even the brake drums from the axles is one of those times when any backyard mechanic's patience may be pushed to the limit.

We recommend bad language if there are no children within earshotor even better, a pause to seek spiritual guidance and think about where this problem fits into life as a whole. Note: Safety considerations should always be paramount, particularly in these situations where both you and the steel parts are under stress. In the photo, the cast on my arm is not related to removing the wheels, but there are other cases where people have been injured by parts which suddenly pop off under pressure.

Karl Morton has another note for anyone who can't even get the wheel rim removed: "If you haven't got the lug nuts off, make sure that you are turning them in the correct direction. You probably have both right and left hand threaded lug nuts; Willys put them on the older Jeeps.

Look for an 'R' and 'L' stamped in the ends of the lug studs. If this is not the problem and the lug nuts are rusted in place, then the liberal use of penetrating oil such as 'Breakaway' or 'Kroil' mixed with equal parts of patience and brute force should do the trick. I have soaked the lugs in WD40 and beat on them till I am blue in the face. Must be a trick that I don't know about.

And have the three? After that, it came off quite easily.

willys jeep front brake drum removal

Don't try a J. Whitney puller or some other inferior type. They are usually pretty tight and it can be dangerous when they pop off. He said, "I took the drums and hubs to a machine shop where a guy separated 50 years of togetherness in about 5 minutes and charged me 10 bucks.

Tighten that bad boy down, hit it with a good size hammer, 3lb or better. I have not seen an axle break yet, and if it comes off easy, it wasn't on tight enough. If you get a puller like the one shown on Richard Grover's Willys Trucks page your problems will be over. Since the hub is on a tapered shaft, the hub must be removed using a "hub puller" that is a puller that exerts its force from the LUG BOLTS to the axle shaft.

A gear or pulley puller does not do this since it exerts force from the edge to a center shaft. In fact what happens is that the hub is actually pressed on the shaft. In effect "pinching" the hub on even tighter. Since these types of tapered axles have been out of production for decades, it is sometimes difficult to locate the correct tool locally.

willys jeep front brake drum removal

Also, you may need a slide hammer to pull out the axle shafts once you do get the hubs off.Willy's CJ2A. Search this site. Axle Differentials. Dimmer Switch. Grille Welts. Radiator Felt Installation. Trico Wiper Motor. A complete oil change. DVDA Distributor.

Fuel Odour. Interior - Westy Campmobile. VW Fuel System. I need to remove my brake drums in order to check out the brake shoes and to inspect the wheel cylinders.

Brake Drum and Wheel Hub Removal

I am hoping to be able to reuse the wheel cylinders by replacing the rubber boots and honing the inside of the cylinder, but the drum has to come off first, obviously. The rear drums are a nightmare as they require a specialized tool that I simply don't want to pay for and finding a place that rents the hub puller hasn't been too successful yet. But the front drums and hub will be the first to come off.

I'll probably also be looking at replacing some of the brake lines and hoses. First step, remove the front tires. I like to loosen the lug nuts while the vehicle is still on the ground, then raise with a jack and secure with jack stands. Once that's off, there's a dust cover that will allow access to the large nut in the centre.

I pried it off with a large screwdriver, but the other side needs a carpenter's pry-bar to make that happen. The nut is under the dust cover. Mine came off without much effort, I'll have to check the torque specs when I put it back on later. Also remove the large flat washer underneath. I put a rag on the ground below the hub as it started to drip some lubricant. The top part of the hub will pop off if you pry it gently with a large screwdriver.

Into the parts washer with all I had removed, so far. There are two thin metal gaskets that are between the hub and its cover.

willys jeep front brake drum removal

There were identical so no need to determine the order of reassembly. Now to get one of those [ online ] and a wrench that I need for another job on my horn. I had heard tales of backyard mechanics using a hammer and chisel to turn it off the spindle, and sure enough, I found some gouge marks on my spindle nut.New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. Howdy all. I've wrapped up my rear brake repairs and moved onto the front two drums.

First of all, my Jeep does not currently have selectable locking hubs.

Rear brake inspection 1942 Willys

That said, I'm guessing they stay locked all the time, which would lead me to believe that pavement driving may not be pleasant.

Would you guys recommend replacing them? Regardless, I wanted to make sure I was going down the correct avenue here in my thinking. Can you guys confirm that I do indeed have to remove the locking hubs in order to pull the drum and replace the shoes, springs, and cylinders? Also - here is a picture of the left front hub minus the cover, snap-ring, and cap. As always, the information I get from you folks is much appreciated.

From where the left side is now, unbend the locking washer and use the appropriate socket or a chisel and hammer as my po had done. The socket is readily available. Seems like that would be the easiest method. I don't know what size but they are made specifically for that nut. Anybody that has Jeep parts has 'em.

Ok great - thanks for the info. I'll pick up one of those sockets. What do you guys recommend in the way of replacing the hub itself, or do I even need to?

I'd like to drive it on pavement some of the time. As I mentioned before, that makes me think I would need something that I can select in and out of locking. Pavement driveability isn't affected much if you have the transfer case set to 2wd, main reason for selectable hubs is to reduce the resistance of the front axles and driveshaft increasing fuel mileage.

I like to have them because I unlock the front axles then drive in 4wd low for parades. Right - thats what I was thinking. So what you're saying is that as long as I have the transfer case in 2WD mode, locking the front hubs doesn't really matter. But on the other hand, if I had selectable locking hubs and had it in one of the 4WD-L like you mentioned in the parade, I could make use of the low-range while driving on pavement and not really in 4WD.Could you please email me the teatime predictions for uk49Levitra Online Drugstore Soft Tabs Cialis Viagra In Tre Giorni On Line buy levitra safely from canada Propaganda De Kamagra Acheter Priligy De CanadaBaclofene Dose Maximale viagra Can I Crush Amoxicillin Viagra InterditAmoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life Acquistare Priligy Senza Ricetta Baclofene Indication viagra prescription Bentyl 20mg How To BuyComprar Cialis Por Transferencia Bancaria Cialis Online Italia viagra Amoxicillin CatsCialis Necesita Receta Dapoxetine En Ligne Amoxicillin For Animals No Prescription viagra Cialis Basso Dosaggio Viagra PaypalLevitra Media Pastilla Buy Propecia 84 viagra prescription Zithromax Weekly Componentes Viagra Doxycycline Canada No ScriptWhere To Order Zentel Pills Secure Ordering Over Night Cialis Para Que Sirve Vendita Viagra Catania buy viagra online Priligy SeriennummerCephalexin With No Presciption viagra online prescription Comprar Propecia Barato Canadian Pharmacy 24 HrViagra Uk Sales acquista vardenafil Best Price On Generic Viagra Venta Kamagra Madrid Bentyl 20mg How To BuyCialis Bio Amoxicillin Clav Warnings viagra online prescription Pfizer Viagra Cheap Buy Cialis Online NopwPropecia Epilobium Bestellung Von Viagra buy viagra Buy Prednisone Online For Dogs Malegra Fxt Online With Free ShippingNormally I do not read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so.

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Front Brake Drum Removal

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